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Networking Tips – The Pathway to being known

The good old saying “It is not what you know, but who you know” can lead to many opportunities in any industry and allow people to know who you are and allow people to know what you can provide any company. 

Here are tips to allow you to get your feet in any industry by meeting new people who will become useful in the near future; 

posted on April 12 , 2017 by GBC
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1. Face to Face is still important as ever these days;

People do not come to you when it comes to guiding you to knowing companies or important people, YOU need to approach new people to get your foot in the door by promoting yourself to potential employers in the future.

Being able to look someone in the eye, laughing with them, holding their business card and talking one on one about your business are key areas that you will get from face to face networking. Volunteering for events are the best places to gain networking opportunities or attending events relating to your field which are generally free or at a small cost along with correct planning will allow you to meet new and important people from many companies to guide you to future opportunities.

2. Attire still counts as you need to impress

Simply by presenting yourself through a suit and tie or business attire will make you look professional and people will judge you as per first impressions. People want to speak to people that are attired professionally as they look very interested in their endeavours and have better chances of creating networking opportunities then someone that is a casual attire, so dress for the occasion where ever you go

3. The Business Card

With everything being all digital and social media these days, the business card is still as ever important to use when it comes to networking opportunities. People that you met when you give or get given a business card prefer the tactile and visual aspect of the business card as it allows people to recall your details, promote yourself and acts an ice breaker for not the person you meet, but their contacts that arise as an result by distrusting the business card to whom you meet.

4. Word of Mouth and Referrals lead you to the correct pathway

The world of networking when it occurs often leads to referrals. 
To get referrals, you need to give referrals.
So prompt yourself when you meet someone new in an networking opportunity to give positive referrals of your past experiences or activities that you have been involved with to allow positive vibes of yourself to allow people to understand your experience which will be passed on to many people as per their contacts which will be discussed throughout the company in an positive manner. Luciano D’Ambrosi, General Manager, George Brown College gm@georgebrown.nsw.edu.au About the author Luciano has worked in industry for companies including Seymour Strategists, Lend Lease, Time Magazine, Rydges Hotels, the Royal Agricultural Society and running his own consultancy advising entrepreneurs and small business. He has spent the last 12 years in the education sector in various teaching and management positions.
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